Taking your MSP services to the next level

Affordable professional services with an emphasis on value-add. Our expert consultants deliver the very best technical solutions, while also helping partners to develop their own in-house capabilities.

Helping the leaders of Managed Service Providers deliver the solutions their customers need.

Through speaking to many MSPs, it became obvious that the UK has a huge skills shortage of competent, technical solutions architects.

This scarcity of talent means that keeping great resource in-house is almost impossible for SMBs. However, consultancy can be extremely expensive, and even then white-glove services often fail to offer the partner any technical value to tackle future projects themselves.

Every Cylinder work with our clients to understand their challenges, technologies their customers are talking about, and skills they would like to develop in-house. We draft a statement of works, and connect you with affordable expert consultants from around the world.

You are never charged for work that is not delivered within the statement of works, and we ensure that you have all the documentation needed to complete similar projects in-house in the future.

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Our Services

Quality assurance, implemented by experts

Partners don’t pay a penny until the project has been completed to the standards outlined in the statement of works. Our consultants are all tried, tested and proven reliable. We only works with experts who have all the relevant experience and accreditations.

End-to-end project management

The consultant carries out the work, but we manage every stage of the sales cycle, from statement of works to implementation. Your account manager will be on every call between you & the technical team.

Developing your team’s
in-house capabilities

Our professional services engagements are as much an educational piece as they are delivering technical solutions. We ensure that you are engaged in the throughout the project, so that your team can develop the skills to do later similar projects in-house.